Evaluate, Dissect, Analyze, And Understand

Your final exam is quite simple. Read the section of text below and then answer the essay questions that follow. Make sure to use complete sentences and properly clarify all of your points.

“My grandfather, then. Or it may have been my great
grandfather. That’s beside the point. They installed the first
television sets in cocktail bars-amusement places-and
used them to watch wrestling matches.”

“What’s a ‘wresting match’?” demanded Phyllis.

“An obsolete form of folk dancing,” explained her father.

-Red Planet (Robert Heinlein, 1949)

1) Considering the time period in which this novel was written, How do you feel Heinlein perceived television and the influence it had on society?

2) Explain the choice of language Heinlein uses for each character. Judging from the words above, what are your perceptions of each character and their basic cognitive functioning? Use specific examples within the text to back up your point.

3) How awesome is the execution of that wrestling joke?