Production Reel

To Whom It May Concern,

The following films showcase examples of work that I have produced since 2008. As I am trained in experimental, documentary, and animation film there are countless examples I could provide but I believe these four pieces demonstrate my flexibility and capability of working on a variety of different projects ranging from gallery pieces to commercial marketing films. If you have any questions about the work, want to discuss a future project, or would like to see more please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for your interest in my productions.

Ryan Zlomek


Endurance Monster Bike Fit Overview Video – Commercial
Contractually produced in 2011 for the company Endurance Monster in Skaneatles, NY to demonstrate their Bike Fit technology. Video was collected over several days and this film, along with two others, were turned around for company use in roughly 5 days. The film was circulated via the web and showcased in their store from 2011 to 2013.


An Invisible Idol (Rough Cut) – Documentary WorkThis film has been a labor of love since 2009 at which point I began to collect information about my late grandfather who passed away ten years before I was born. Though the initial intent was to document his life I have used this documentary as a medium to also explore my relationship with my grandmother and how her stories about my grandfather have altered the course of my life. This cut is intended to convey my grandfather’s timeline and begin to explore the narrative structures that I may utilize in the final piece. Please pardon the current state of the audio levels.


The Price Of A Text – Experimental/Informative AnimationThis hand drawn animation was produced over the course of 1 week in 2010 after finding inspiration from Manuel De Landa’s book “A Thousand Years Of Nonlinear History” which inspired me to research the change in the English language over the past 15 years. The piece looks most specifically at the change in communicative patterns for the Millenial Generation. The animation is created by drawing images in pencil on a sheet of paper, capturing a frame, erasing the image and then redrawing on the same sheet of paper. The process is very similar to the work of William Kentridge.


Abstract Dance – Experimental FilmThis silent film was produced in November 2008 while working with Melanie Aceto’s modern dance class at UB. The goal of the project was to shoot footage of dancers and then “re-choreograph” them in the editing room as a means to explore the mechanics of dancing in a separate context. The material was filmed by shooting directly into a light and then having dancers move in front of it. The film is intended to be projected on a white wall in a gallery space as viewers can explore the space and experience the dance from different perspectives. This film was screened at University At Buffalo’s Celebration Of Academic Excellence in April 2009.