My most recent filmic obsession has been with the documentary form. I first started experimenting with the form in June 2007 when I attempted to make a film about a Rochester NY hardcore band called How We Are. Not knowing anything about documentary history, creation, shooting ratio, etc. it failed miserably but I had a pretty sweet time. Now some two years later I’ve tried to hop on the documentary train again, this time doing some projects that we are bit closer to home.

Documentary Filmography:

  • Roger Stern At Ithacon 2009 (February 2009; MiniDV) – An interview with classic comic writer Roger Stern about his career and the creation of the Death Of Superman storyline.
  • Ithacon (April 2010; MiniDV and digital photography) – A twenty three minute documentary exploring the comic book industry through different working professionals located around the upstate NY region. Interviews include Steve Wacker (editor for Marvel), Roger Stern (classic comic writer discussing his latest work on Amazing Spider-Man), Mike Borkowski (storyboard artist for Venture Brothers, Big Guys And Rusty The Boy Robot, Scooby Doo, etc.), Joe Orsak (comic artist for the graphic novel The Yellow Rose Of Texas), and Ken Wheaton (inker for Bongo Comics).
  • An Invisible Idol (Started November 2008, still in production; MiniDV, pencil animation, and scanned photographs) – A look into the life of my late grandfather Curtis Richter who passed away before I was born. How has my life changed without ever having him in my life and how is he still with me?
  • Currently Untitled Camp Good Days Project (Started July 2009, still in production; MiniDV and digital photography) – A look into the life of a camper at Camp Good Days And Special Times, a camp for children with cancer and blood disorders.

Ithacon (April 2010, visual and sound)