Break The Repetition

The past twenty four hours have been phenomenal. I made it back to my house last night around 1AM and found a square package on the table addressed to me. I knew the instant I saw it that it would be the highlight of my week. I ripped it open and glared at a beautiful copy of The Gremlins which was the first children’s book that Roald Dahl (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, The Twits, Matilda) ever published when he was a very dapper looking 26 year old man. The book was published by Disney and was slated to become a motion picture but sadly never made it to the big screen. I love reading work by my favorite authors, especially their early creation when they haven’t quite found themselves in the literary world.

As if that wasn’t glorious enough, this morning I was received a message requesting an impromptu modeling shoot. I quickly accepted the offer, jumped out of bed, and reorganized my basement for the shoot. The model, my lovely friend Jen, showed up and we shot some really great material. My personal favorites, of course, intertwined the shoot with a little book that I have received the evening before.

Stay Spontaneous,
Ryan Zlomek