Save PBS!

With budgets they way they are it is understandable that politicians are trying to find ways to cut corners in hopes of “saving our economy.”

One of the proposed budget cuts will eliminate (that means get rid of, evaporate, diffuse, destroy, etc.) the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). This would be the destruction of the only non-commercial news source in America, POV (the premiere documentary resource for aspiring filmmakers), NOVA (an amazing showcase of the world and universe around us), PBS Kids (one of the few educational resources that still creates education oriented visual material for children), National Public Radio, and a slew of other amazing resources that the Public Broadcasting Service has offered to us.

I personally have been hoping to utilize PBS over the summer to showcase my Ithacon documentary. This service is intended for you and me. This is the only major resource that we have any form of control over and the only mass media organization that is involved in our communities by putting together and promoting fantastic events in our community (these include plays, operas, film screening, speaker series, etc.).

If the few of you who read my site could please visit and send a message to your local congress person it could mean the difference of access to one of the greatest resources we have or the elimination of it.

Don’t let the government take away more of our vocal chords.

Stay Proactive,
Ryan Zlomek