Ever catch a wave on an Egosurf?

While arrogantly searching up my name on google I stumbled across the blog I used for the Post Standard Newspaper in Syracuse, NY. I had a wonderful opportunity to write reviews for the major newspaper in my favorite city all of last year. If you have any interest in seeing me review some pretty terrible moments in modern cinema click right here.

On an even sweeter note: My point and click addiction uncovered an article written about the transition in comics from print to the web. I was interviewed, along with my co-teacher Mike Reiff, about the way in which the internet is changing comics for Generation magazine which is a publication on University At Buffalo’s campus. Though it wasn’t the most rewarding article to read after an hour long interview I’m quite proud that my little Graphic Novels And Film media theory class earned me a published interview.

Until Next Time,
Ryan Zlomek