Can We Communicate Across This Great Divide?

Latest Project Idea!

After making a habit of sitting on my couch at least a couple times a week to sketch immature drawings I’ve decided that illustrated literature for children will be my next route. I figure if I change career mentalities every couple weeks while working a steady job I’ll run out of alternatives and eventually settle on one. With that said the next in line is writing and illustrating a kids book. I’ve started sketching character designs and the lovely creature above this is one of them. The main character of the story can actually be found on an earlier post but it would be way too much fun to spoil all the surprises now. Hopefully I can make some massive headway on this project and have it out and ready to go by next summer.

In other news I discovered today that Internet Explorer 6.0 hates my website and doesn’t display it properly. The tabs at the top shift around and the register icon is placed over the home button. Unfortunately I’m guessing that IE6 is not the only browser that despises my website. If you discover any other browser problems or general quirks with the site please let me know. I have enough enemies without having to include basic computer programs.

That’s about all that is new on this end. Be Excellent To Each Other!